Born in West Berlin, Victor grew up in Europe and West Africa as the son of an African father and a German mother.


He graduated from school in Kassel (Germany) in the late eighties.


During this time the cellist and saxophonist founded his first band, in which he wrote the songs and performed as a singer. A further project was not the case, because the paths of the band members separated for professional reasons.


Besides music and show business, sport - especially soccer - has always been Victor´s great passion. Since his youth he has played in various teams in high performance. In the meantime, the multitalent has received his coaching license at the DFB in Cologne. He can refer to the long-standing successful activity as a coach in junior-teams and in the meantime also worked as a professional coach in other European countries.


In 1989, he was scouted at a cocktail bar by a photographer for a model agency. Since then, Victor has regularly worked as a model for a wide diversity of brands and companies.


From 1990 to 1998, Victor played soccer in Berlin and then studied medicine. During this period, he made his training as an actor.


After successful completion of the university studies and his education Victor worked first in Berlin and Munich. In 2006, Victors debut album "BLACK OR BLOND" was recorded and released in Munich with the single release "THROUGH ALL THESE YEARS". The musician is supported by his Berlin-based band.


From 2006 to 2011 Victor appeared as an actor at the Bavarian State Theater in the Residenztheater Munich. He was also a stage and film actor in german and international productions. He continues to work as a synchron spokesman for film / television as well as a spokesman for radio.


In 2017 the actor can be seen on the municipal stage in the Munich Kammerspielen. Victor currently lives in Munich and is working on a second music album in addition to his main occupation.